Cycling into the Future

Your school offers cycling into the future so students in grade 5 & 6 can learn the basics of bike and road safety and how to maintain their bike. See Cycling into the Future for more information about this program.

iWalk Day, Winter Walk Day & bike to school event days

See how many students can walk, ride, or roll to school on these special event days. Manchester P.S. celebrates with various encouraging activities, so look for messaging on School Day or ask at the office if there is a guest joining a preferred route (or routes!). See our Programs page for more information about these events.

Sidewalk Painting and Sign program

We have worked with municipal partners to install signs about 400 m away from the school. Start at home or start from here, and you know how much further you have to go. AND you’ll find some neat games and figures painted on the sidewalk that can help show you the way!