We hope that one day every child will walk or wheel for part or all of their daily school journey.School Travel Planning Logo

This simple journey can mean so much.

Physical health

Walking or cycling to school regularly gives your child opportunities for daily physical activity that will help him or her avoid chronic disease and develop healthy habits that may continue into later years. ParticipACTION recommends that children accumulate several hours’ worth of light movement every day. Walking to school is a perfect opportunity to get it; more than half the body’s muscles are designed for walking; it is a natural movement that is virtually injury-free.

Mental focus

Students who get physical activity in the morning arrive at school more alert and ready to learn – and studies show they score higher on tests. Studies show the power of concentration is increased for up to 4 hours after a 20-minute walk!

Environmental well-being

Up to 25% of the morning rush hour traffic is attributed to the school commute. Reducing the number of cars at schools improves air quality, creating healthier environments where children spend a great part of their day.

Fun and happiness

Those who walk and cycle the school route enjoy a deeper connection to their community and find joy in nature and people along the way; all of which leads to less stress and less depression.

Graduated independence

The walk to school provides a great opportunity for students to gradually know their community and take incrementally greater responsibility for themselves and younger children.


  • See our FAQ page for answers to common questions.
  • For a walking route map, contact a transportation planner by calling 519-744-7575.
  • For additional questions, contact Leslie Maxwell, School Travel Planner, leslie_maxwell@stswr.ca, 519-744-7575 x224

“Waterloo Region is a safe and vibrant region. Every day, officers patrol our streets ensuring the safe travels of students. With School Resource Officers assigned to each school, WRPS is able to connect with students and respond to their needs immediately.”

Waterloo Regional Police Services Chief Brian Larkin

ParticipACTION knows the biggest risk is keeping kids indoors

Encourage your children to engage more fully with their outdoor environments in a variety of weather conditions. When children are supported to take risks, they have more fun and learn how to assess and manage risk in all areas of their lives.

– ParticipACTION report card at www.participaction.com






This work is made possible in part through financial support from

Green Communities Canada and the Government of Ontario.