Drive to Five

The aim of the drive to 5 campaign is to move traffic from the school vicinity through identifying street parking that is a 5 minute walk to the school. Through maps and signage, parents can easily navigate alternate areas to drop off their children while reducing unsafe car traffic in front of the school. For [...]

Sidewalk Smarts

Sidewalk Smarts* A pedestrian skills training program Program Goal To prepare children transitioning from primary to junior grades (Grades 3-4) to safely walk to school and other destinations in their community. Program Objectives After participating in this program, students will be able to: Identify the benefits of walking Identify safety risks associated with being a [...]

Ride, Skate & Scoot

A guide for school storage facilities

Children's Safety Village

The Children’s Safety Village provides police and fire safety programming to students from grades 1-6, and supports active transportation by establishing a foundation of awareness and knowledge of road rules and skills. A Police Educator introduces pedestrian safety in grade 1, and the grade 3 program expands on road rules and cycling safety. These units [...]

Children's Safety Village - Youth Hero Awards

Do you know a student who has modeled good citizenship by contributing to a safer community? Perhaps by leading younger students to school or practicing exemplary pedestrian skills daily? The Children’s Safety Village offers the Youth Hero Awards to recognize heroic acts performed at levels beyond expectation. Nominate your super student today! Youth Hero Awards [...]

Walk This Way Registration

CAA Standing Foot Patrol Program

The CAA Standing Foot Patrol program trains student leaders to “monitor school crossings by ensuring students cross roads near their school in a safe and responsible manner. Unlike Adult Crossing Guards, Patrollers do not stop or direct traffic.” To learn more and to share with a school principal, visit the CAA website.


  Growing data shows that concentrations of CO2 are dangerously high in school drop off zones. “The use of private vehicles can significantly increase local concentrations (of air pollution), regardless of background conditions,” say University of Toronto researchers Matthew D. Adams and Weeberb J Requia in their paper “How private vehicle use increases ambient air [...]

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

Print this postcard and fill it out to show your appreciation! Crossing Guard Appreciation Day – Postcard [Powerpoint]

iWalk Day

IWalk Day is celebrated as part of International Walk to School Month.  In the Waterloo Region, students walk to school with police officers, councillors and other community members to raise awareness of the walk to school. STSWR provides resources through maps and personnel to support schools that wish to participate in this initiative. Go to [...]


Trailblazers A Network of Expert Walkers The Trailblazer program teaches older students to be confident and competent walkers and lends visibility to student pedestrians. The program brings peace of mind to parents who want their children to be equipped and supported on the walk to school. What they do Trailblazers are simply asked to wear [...]

A Walk in Their Sneakers

Waterloo Region Police Services works with STSWR to create a unique event each spring. Over the course of four Wednesdays, WRPS Student Resource Officers walk with students, gathering a crowd along the way as the group makes their way through the neighbourhood. Police learn about the students’ walk while sharing traffic safety tips and other information [...]

Winter Walk Day

Winter Walk Day is the first Wednesday of February every year, and it celebrates those students who walk during the winter months as Canadian-weather strong. Students are encouraged to dress for the weather, understand special winter walking tips, and join their peers in the walk to and from school. As with iWalk Day in the [...]

Cycling into the Future

The Cycling into the Future program prepares students who bike or want to bike to school and in their neighbourhoods through in-class and on the road bike safety modules. Children who do not have access to a bike are provided with one through this program. Over the course of 6 in-school sessions, children gain the [...]

Walking School Bus

STSWR schools have the support of the Canadian Cancer Society and the Block Parent Program when forming Walking School Buses. The aim is to provide a walking service led by parent volunteers, where children are picked up at designated stops by the ‘school bus’ to join in on the walk to school. The walking school [...]

Bike to School Week

Students are encouraged to bike to school as a group, with schools providing resources and training around safe biking habits. STSWR encourages schools to register with Bike Month, where you will also find great resources like Getting Started. School Travel Planning schools will have the consultation support of their Facilitator to help devise the best [...]