Drive to Five

The aim of the drive to 5 campaign is to move traffic from the school vicinity through identifying street parking that is a 5 minute walk to the school. Through maps and signage, parents can easily navigate alternate areas to drop off their children while reducing unsafe car traffic in front of the school. For [...]

Bike Safety Materials

Students at Groh Public School developed the following bike safety materials.

Crossing Guard Appreciation Week

Crossing Guard Appreciation Week June 5-9, 2023 Crossing Guard Appreciation Week is a celebration of the people who show up every day for our children who walk, bike, and roll to school. These safety-focused monitors provide strong guidance, bright smiles, and greater visibility for students, setting them up for successful school days. Schools are encouraged [...]

Bike Bus

The Bike Bus allows elementary school children to bike to school together, accompanied by trained and screened adult volunteers. Like a school bus, a bike bus has a predefined route with departure and arrival points, and scheduled stops along the ride. Unlike a conventional school bus, the scheduled stops are meeting points for the participants [...]

Enhanced School Zones

The Enhanced School Zones Program is a pilot project at four Cambridge schools that introduces additional interventions on school frontages or school zone areas where pick-up and drop-off activity occurs. It aims to create a better environment for active transportation and improve driver behavior in these areas. The interventions include: Enhanced School Zone/Area Signs with [...]

Sidewalk Smarts

Sidewalk Smarts* A pedestrian skills training program Program Goal To prepare children transitioning from primary to junior grades (Grades 3-4) to safely walk to school and other destinations in their community. Program Objectives After participating in this program, students will be able to: Identify the benefits of walking Identify safety risks associated with being a [...]

Bike to School Week

Bike to School Week is all about the joy of riding a bike! June 3 – June 7, 2024 Bike to School Week inspires students to try riding a bike to school for the first time, to learn new skills, or to just have fun, explore, and connect with people, the community, and nature. Bike [...]

Community Road Model Program

Are you a Community Road Model? Community Road Models pledge to use active transportation more often and to take greater care on the roads. This is especially important near our vital road users – students! One school community at a time, we want to build a network of road models across the Waterloo region to [...]

Ride, Skate & Scoot

A guide for school storage facilities

Walk This Way Registration

CAA Standing Foot Patrol Program

The CAA Standing Foot Patrol program trains student leaders to “monitor school crossings by ensuring students cross roads near their school in a safe and responsible manner. Unlike Adult Crossing Guards, Patrollers do not stop or direct traffic.” To learn more and to share with a school principal, visit the CAA website.


  Growing data shows that concentrations of CO2 are dangerously high in school drop off zones. “The use of private vehicles can significantly increase local concentrations (of air pollution), regardless of background conditions,” say University of Toronto researchers Matthew D. Adams and Weeberb J Requia in their paper “How private vehicle use increases ambient air [...]

iWalk Day

IWalk Day is celebrated as part of International Walk to School Month.  In the Waterloo Region, students walk to school with police officers, councillors and other community members to raise awareness of the walk to school. STSWR provides resources through maps and personnel to support schools that wish to participate in this initiative. Go to [...]


Trailblazers Training For the 2023-24 school year, Trailblazers must: Attend training at Budd Park in September Submit permission form through the school For review, you may also: Watch the Training Video In January/February, your school coordinator will have you: Take the Skills Assessment Maps If your school does not have a map here, you don’t [...]

Winter Walk Day

Winter Walk Day is the first Wednesday of February every year, and it celebrates those students who walk during the winter months as Canadian-weather strong. Students are encouraged to dress for the weather, understand special winter walking tips, and join their peers in the walk to and from school. As with iWalk Day in the [...]

Walking School Bus

STSWR has supported the Walking School Bus program at many schools. In the past, this work was led by Canadian Cancer Society. The aim is to provide a walking service led by parent volunteers, where children are picked up at designated stops by the ‘school bus’ to join in on the walk to school. The [...]