Bike to School Week is all about the joy of riding a bike!

June 3 – June 7, 2024

Bike to School Week inspires students to try riding a bike to school for the first time, to learn new skills, or to just have fun, explore, and connect with people, the community, and nature.

Bike Week Guide is coming soon! Check back for information on local cycling activities/resources throughout the Region of Waterloo. Check out some more resources below that can help you participate in any way you choose!

Resources for Kids:

  • Bike Boxes (Video)
    • This video created by the City of Guelph shows us what bike boxes are and how those unusual green boxes at intersections work to protect cyclists. Note: young children should be supervised in advanced cycling settings like this.
  • Cycling Safety (Video)
    • Teaches cyclists the rules and expectations for riding on the road in Ontario. Created by the MTO.
  •  Discover Your Superpower (Local Community Campaign)
    • Assistance with safe and custom route planning; volunteers even ride the routes before making recommendations. From CycleWR.
  • Safe Equipment for Riding (Guide)
    • An explanation on why helmets, bells, and lights are crucial for safe cycling. From BikeMonth.
  • Start Cycling (Webpage)
    • Tips and inspirational stories for beginner cyclists from other students that bike to school. From Cycle Toronto.
  • Take The Lead (Road Safety Game)
    • This game educates young children from ages 7 to 12 on basic road safety techniques for assessing risks and choosing routes. The game player is given different road safety scenarios which can apply to both walking and cycling.
  • Young Cyclist’s Guide
    • Guide for young children on bicycle equipment, riding tips, and the rules of the road. Created by the MTO.

Resources for Parents: