Active Transportation Bingo

    Active Transportation Bingo Hey guys, we’re doing it! Staying home and practicing social distancing is really making a difference, and we thank you for your part! For health and fitness, many of you are walking in your neighbourhoods a lot. These walks offer a great opportunity to repeatedly teach pedestrian skills that will keep your [...]

Road Safety Podcast

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Hop! App - Log Your Steps!

Hop! is a bilingual progressive web-app that helps make the walk to school more fun through interactive features. App users can track kilometres travelled, while being motivated by engaging illustrations, group challenges, and milestones.

Walking in Cold and Snowy Weather

The Region of Waterloo averages six nights per year when the temperature drops below minus 20. While we have experienced the minus 30s, weather that cold is extremely rare here[i]. “Most days of snowfall in Kitchener – Waterloo leave less than five centimetres (2 inches) of fresh snow on the ground. For ten days a [...]

Walking and Light Rail Transit

The Region of Waterloo designed the Ion Light Rail Transit (LRT) system to operate within very walkable areas of our city centres. The Ion street-level stations provide easy access for people who move with difficulty, including those who are mobility impaired, our aging population, and people with strollers. We love that the Ion contributes to [...]

Jane's 10 Big Ideas

Jane Jacobs Jane Jacobs watched things closely from the time she was a young girl. It’s no wonder that she grew up to be an excellent journalist. Imagine how many new things she had to observe and explore when she moved to New York City! In New York, she watched. And she saw that the [...]

Child Readiness Resources

It sounds funny, but kids need coaching when it comes to walking and cycling to school. Print Resources Active Transportation for Life – milestone goals A set of tips for parents teaching their children about walking and road safety. Sidewalk Smarts – Passport (Printable) The Sidewalk Smarts Passport provides an outline of the individual skills [...]

Driving Near Schools

Pick-up and drop-off periods around schools are busy times with students walking, biking, scootering, being driven and riding the bus to get to and from school. Create a better commute for students… Be on the lookout There are far more children on foot near schools than in most places drivers go; be alert and expect [...]

Reasons to Walk

ParticipAction recommends that children aged 5-17 get 60 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity per day, as well as several hours of light movement per day. The active commute to and from school can break up sedentary time, improving children’s health, sleep, happiness, self-esteem, and confidence; and creating opportunities for unstructured fun with friends [...]