With the goal of constantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the transportation services, the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and Waterloo Region District School Board have created a transportation consortium (Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region) and mandated it to administer the transportation of their students.


STSWR will:

1. Provide safe, efficient and effective transportation services, in a reasonable period of time for eligible students, travelling to and from the school.

2. Provide individualized transportation services for students with special transportation needs.

3. Respond to requests and complaints, in accordance with the policies and procedures of STSWR and its member boards.


 STSWR is responsible for:

1. Determining student eligibility for transportation in accordance with the policies and procedure of STSWR and the School Boards.

2. Planning safe, efficient and effective transportation routes.

3. Selecting the most efficient mode of transportation.

4. Informing schools and school bus operators about the routes, pick-up and drop-off times and locations.

5. Maintaining a current transportation network database and having the information available on the website for the schools, bus operators and parents/guardian.

6. Assessing walking routes to school.

7. Planning and optimizing efficient bus routes by balancing safety, travel time, load, vehicle size and cost.

8. Processing transportation requests received from the schools.

9. Supporting school bus drivers and Principals in maintaining discipline on the bus.

10. Maintaining contact with bus operators and school Principals to ensure the safe and efficient management of school transportation services on a daily basis.

11. Creating and maintaining policies, procedures and safety measures for parents. Communicating to parents where these can be found and how they are applied.

12. Creating and organizing safety campaigns that raise awareness and improve student’s understanding of being safe in and around the bus, at the bus stop, and loading and unloading at the school. Have in place rules and regulations for expected student behaviour while travelling on the bus.

13. Conducting inspections and assessing activities pertaining to bus transportation services, in order to ensure that bus operators are complying with STSWR’s policies and procedures as well as other contractual obligations.