STSWR is mandated to improve and maintain the efficiency of the transportation network. In order to minimize the number of school buses used, STSWR will review and propose change to the school hours (bell time for the beginning and end of school day) to allow for routes to be shared or joined.

Consideration must be give to allow for consultation with the stakeholders.


 For changes initiated by STSWR

1) Proposed changes for the upcoming year should be provided to the CMC, with details of the effected schools, by the 15th of December.

a. The Boards will communicate the proposed changes to the school(s) according to the procedures in place prior to responding to STSWR.

2) All changes must be approved by the School Board.

For changes initiated by the school

1) A school requesting a bell time change will forward the request to STSWR by December 15th.

2) Upon receiving the request, STSWR will evaluate the impact of the proposed change, including cost, and provide the school with its assessment, including possible alternatives, by January 15th.

a. The CMC and the Superintendent of Education responsible for the school should be copied on the response by STSWR.

3) The proposal(s) to go before School board must be provided to the CMC no later than the 15th of February.

4) All changes must be approved by the School Board.