STSWR may provide temporary transportation for students temporarily incapacitated or for other extenuating circumstances.

All temporary transportation requests shall be reviewed by the School Principal or designate to substantiate the claim’s validity and approved by the Superintendent or designate.


When a student requires transportation due to an injury or other extenuating circumstances, the Parents/guardians can make a request for temporary transportation to the School Principal.

The Parent completes the Special Request STSWR form and submits it along with supporting documentation to the Principal. If approved by the Principal, the form will need approval from the Superintendent.

WRDSB – Form Here (online form)

WCDSB – Form Here

  • Where appropriate, a medical note should accompany applications for special transportation for temporary non-ambulatory students.
  • If approved by the Superintendent, STSWR will make the arrangements based on the information in the request. Status of the request and confirmation of arrangements will be sent to the school by STSWR. The school is asked to pass the information on to the parent/guardian.
  • In cases where the anticipated cost of the service will exceed $10,000, further approval may be required.

Parents are advised that it is their responsibility to:

  • Inform the bus/taxi company directly if transportation is not required;
  • Inform the school should the transportation no longer be required; and/or
  • Inform STSWR of any changes, including schedule times or locations.