Students with special needs who may require transportation will be identified through their home school and the Special Education Department. STSWR, in consultation with the School Board’s Special Education Department or designate, will determine the most appropriate mode of transportation for student(s).


STSWR may arrange for the following additional specialized services approved by the School Board.

Additional services may include:

  1. Adult monitor, intended for students who have extraordinary medical or safety needs;
  2. Mid-day pickup, intended for students who are unable to attend a full day of school;
  3. Ride alone transportation, intended for students who are unable to be safely transported with other students;
  4. Short-Term Medical /Special Circumstances: The Principal completes the Special Request STSWR form ( and submits it along with supporting documentation to the appropriate Superintendent at the School Board;
  5. Where appropriate, a medical note should accompany applications for special transportation for temporary non-ambulatory students; and/or
  6. STSWR will schedule transportation based on the student’s needs, seat availability and vehicle feasibility.


  1. All students should arrive at their stop at least 5 minutes prior to pick up time. Taxis will wait a maximum of five minutes past the scheduled pick up time.
  2. All pick up and drop offs are curb side unless the stop has been reviewed by STSWR in consultation with the Operator. This includes townhouse and other high density complex locations.
  3. Special needs students should be accompanied and met at their stop according to the student’s needs; If the student’s record indicates “must be met” and there is no one to receive them at their drop off, the student will be returned to the school. The bus/cab company will contact the school to assure someone is there to receive the student.
  4. At the assigned stop location, the parent or guardian is responsible if a child needs assistance opening a door or buckling or unbuckling the seat belt. At the school, the staff is responsible if a child needs assistance opening a door, buckling or unbuckling the seat belt. School bus and taxi drivers are not responsible for securing seatbelts at either of the aforementioned locations.
  5. No food or drink is allowed on the bus/taxi.
  6. If your child does not require transportation due to illness, vacation, etc., the parent/guardian must contact the bus/taxi company directly.
  7. If you are moving or have a change in caregiver address, please contact your school directly, who will forward the information to the appropriate person in the Special Education Department or designate at the School Board.
  8. If your child is transported to a babysitter or another caregiver, the student must be transported to the same location every day.
  9. In September of each year, the volume of changes is significant and it can take more than a week to initiate a route change. The timeframe for the remainder of the school year is approximately three days, upon receiving the updated information.
  10. STSWR will make every effort to transport students within a reasonable amount of time, up to one hour per trip. In some circumstances, it may be necessary for students to be on the vehicle longer.