The school commute impacted by both school board and municipal policies and practices so we work with appropriate partners to build active-travel supportive policies and practices locally and provincially as necessary. Some of our successes include the following.

School Safety Zones

This collaborative effort between STSWR, the City of Hamilton, and a group of 10 advisors from across Ontario has three purposes.

  1. To explore opinions of the Highway Traffic Act’s definition and treatment of school safety zones (SSZs) in Ontario.
  2. To explore opinions of risks, definitions, and treatments of SSZs.
  3. To develop recommendations for a new SSZ definition that applies to the Highway Traffic Act and for regional policies, guidelines and/or practices that impact SSZs.

Click here for Public Survey – Live from May 1 – June 30, 2024

SSZ Expert-Insights-Infographic

SSZ Expert-Survey-Report


Supportive Policy for Active School Travel

STSWR was on the research team led by the Human Environments Analysis Laboratory (HEAL Lab), Green Communities Canada, and the Ontario Active School Travel Council that investigated supportive policy for active school travel across Ontario. This report includes policy and practice recommendations for Planning, Infrastructure, School Siting, Student Transportation, and School Travel Planning,

Investigation of Supportive Policy for Active School Travel – full report