School Travel Planning Committees work together to identify barriers to active school travel, and to create action plans to address those barriers. Here are some of the solutions that schools in the Waterloo region have accomplished.

Some concepts noted here have worked for more than one school and so are linked to Standard Operating Procedures intended to lend more information for consideration as committees form their action plans.



Focus STP Action Students Parents School Community
Consultation Initial Assessment


Parking Lot Assessment x
STP Committee Meetings x x x x
Walkabout x x x x
Education Bike Rodeo x
Cycling Education x
Letters/ Council Delegation x
Poster Challenge x
Road Safety Assembly x
School Presentation x x
STP Booth x x
Sidewalk Smarts x
Student Inquiry Project x x
Traffic Flow Map x
Traffic Video x x
Trailblazers x x
Walking Clinic x
Encouragement Active Transportation Celebration Event x x x
Bike Bus x x
Carpool – Staff or Student x x
Drive to 5 x
Greening Tree x x
Kindergarten Coaching x x
Kindergarten Orientation x x x
Letters to Parents x
Monthly Parent Communications x
Sidewalk Paint/ Wayfinding x x x x
Walking Buddy system x x
Walking School Bus x x
Walking Wednesdays x x
Weekly Announcements x x
Winter Clearance Thank you x
Reinforcement Anti-idling campaign x
Administrator Parking Lot Supervision x
CAA Standing Foot Patrol x x x
Driving tips pamphlet x
Parking Lot Attendants x x
Parking Blitz x
Police or Bylaw Collaboration x x


Access point improvement x
Neighbourhood Matching Grant x
Request infrastructure improvement x
Parking signage x x x
Bike or Scooter Storage Rack x x
Temporary Tactical Urbanism project x x


BikeWalkRoll Survey x x
Family Survey x
Speed Monitor or Traffic Counter x x
Traffic Observations x x