Active Transportation Bingo

Hey guys, we’re doing it!

Staying home and practicing social distancing is really making a difference, and we thank you for your part!

For health and fitness, many of you are walking in your neighbourhoods a lot. These walks offer a great opportunity to repeatedly teach pedestrian skills that will keep your children safer, for life. 

Each of these Active Transportation Bingo cards focus on a specific theme and you can use them to prompt different discussions about walking or cycling. Simply cross off the items on the card as you see them or discuss them, and see how full you can make your card.

If some of the pedestrian skills on these bingo cards stump you, there is more guidance in our Sidewalk Smarts Passport.

Bingo Card Collection

Click on this week’s card to print or download it. Look for and/or discuss items designated in each square, mark them off, and submit a photo of your card or a list of your findings for valid entry.

Traffic Signs


Things you See Along the Way

Benefits of Active Transportation


Cycling Safely