Students that have been identified as requiring a Rupert’s harness or restraint device for transportation will do so if the consent form has been filled out and a copy is sent to STSWR.


  1. STSWR will supply a Rupert’s harness or restraint device to a student that requires the harness for a safety or as support equipment for the student. A signed form needs to be filled out by the parent or guardian.
  2. The need for a harness or restraint device is determined by the consultant, parent and the Principal.
  3. The parent must put the student into the straps at their home stop and a staff member must take the student out of the harness at the school.
  4. The Operator is to instruct the driver how to properly install the straps and instruct the driver the proper use of the seat belt cutter. There must be two seat belt cutters in all buses that use a harness or restraint device.
  5. The use of Rupert’s harness or restraint devices needs to be reviewed at the end of each school year by the consultant, parent and Principal.
  6. The parent is responsible for returning the harness at the end of the school year. If the harness is lost the parent will pay for the replacement.