Covid-19 Trailblazer Coordination

A staff coordinator is required to recruit and guide students who participate in the program.

Duties include:

  • Recruit students
  • Help to vet students to ensure students are capable
  • Distribute vests to qualifying students as confirmed by STSWR
    • Help students identify their route with the school’s Trailblazer map (provided by STSWR)
  • Listen to student reports and concerns, and escalate as necessary
  • Manage irresponsible or dangerous behaviours by:
    • First offence: issue warning and reminder of training and duties
    • Second offence: call home and request parental support for retraining
    • Third offence: collect vest and expel student from the program
  • Collect vests
    • From students who move or cannot fulfill duties
    • At the end of each school year

Consult with STSWR as needed at 519-744-7575 x224

Training Video (coming soon)

This special training video includes a focus on the Trailblazer Oath and pedestrian skills training including how to use pedestrian crossings, why reflective clothing is important, where cellphones are helpful and where they are distracting, and why to keep their earbuds off and ears open to traffic. They will also learn to safely bypass short obstructions like temporary construction, and what to do if a stray dog appears on the route. Finally, students will learn to report significant incidents as they may come up.


Every Trailblazer must complete and submit this assessment in order to ensure they understand the tenets of the video.

Parent Form

The parent form is required before students may participate. It will indicate that parents understand the program and grant their permission for their children to participate.

Lessons Learned

The School Travel Planner may review the program with participating staff coordinator to improve upon the program where opportunity permits.