Transit passes are issued every semester and are the responsibility of the student.


In the event that a Transit Pass gets lost or stolen the following procedure must be followed; 

 The student will:

  1. Call Customer Service at Grand River Transit (519)585-7555 to have them check the lost and found database to see if pass was found. (Grand River Transit recommends that you wait a couple of days from the day your pass is lost to contact them)
  2. Report lost pass to the school principal/administrator
  3. If the pass was stolen the police must be notified of the incident
  4. The parent/legal guardian is responsible for reporting the incident and police occurrence number to the Grand River Transit Fare Program Coordinator.
  5. If the pass is not found the Parent/Legal Guardian is responsible for reporting the lost pass to the Grand River Transit Fare Program Coordinator.
  6. The student is responsible for the cost of replacement and picking up the replacement pass at the terminal. Only cash or debit is accepted as payment at the Terminals. Only one replacement card will be issued per student in the current school term

The Fare Program Coordinator will:

  1. Authorize the replacement pass by:
  • Reviewing the school list to confirm that the student was eligible for the pass and received a pass.

      2.  The Fare Program Coordinator calculates the replacement cost of the pass by:

  • Confirming the pass type
  • Calculating the remaining value of the pass
  • Calculating the replacement cost at 50% of the remaining value
  • Note – there will be no additional charge for the photo or card

3. Authorize the Terminal staff at either the Charles St. Transit Terminal or Ainslie St. Transit Terminal via e-mail to replace the pass at the calculated replacement cost.