STSWR recognizes that, while transporting students, it may be necessary to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a student in respiratory distress.


In accordance with the following procedure, a bus driver may perform CPR emergency procedures as required and applying the “in loco parentis” not as a health care provider.

The school bus operators will coordinate CPR training sessions during the school year when a new bus driver is hired. Operators must provide STSWR with proof that all of its bus drivers have successfully completed the training sessions.


Whenever a student appears to experience discomfort, breathing difficulties or other difficulties:

The Driver must:

1. Stop the vehicle and ensure that it is completely immobilized.
2. Ensure that all passengers are safe.
3. Assess the situation and determine whether to perform emergency CPR on the student.
4. Perform emergency CPR if it is necessary to do so, contact the dispatcher immediately to indicate the location of the incident, and to request that emergency services be dispatched.
5. Watch over the student until the arrival of the emergency services team.

The Dispatcher must:

1. Confirm with the bus driver the time and location of the incident.
2. Inform the 911 emergency services and the school of the students involved in the incident.
3. Inform the School Principal and the STSWR about the incident.
4. Remain in contact with the 911 emergency service staff and with the bus driver.
5. Within 24 hours following the incident, submit a report to STSWR describing the incident involving the use of CPR.

The School Principal must:

1. Notify the parents or guardians of the student involved of the incident and where their child has been taken.
2. Prepare a letter for parents/guardians to inform them about the incident that took place on the bus, for the students to take home with them after school.

STSWR must:

1. Oversee the incident and provide guidance and support to the school and bus operator.
2. Verify appropriate documentation to the school board of the student involved in the incident.