Registration and eligibility

There is no registration for transportation. All students living in a busing zone are automatically assigned to the bus based on the address provided to the school. You can find out if you live in the busing zone or the walking zone by using the “Transportation Eligibility” portal on our website at

Transportation information for September

During the last week of August, transportation information for September is mailed directly to families of JK and SK students in the busing zone.

First Rider Program

The First Rider Program is a safety program introducing new riders to the bus and how to be a safe and responsible rider. An interactive video is followed by a bus safety demonstration and a short ride on the school bus. If your Kindergarten child is assigned to a bus, you will receive a flyer at the beginning of August with information on how to register for this program.

Check out Buzzy the Bee’s First Time Rider video

Opting out of busing

If your child is in the busing zone but does not require busing, please fill out a “Do Not Ride Form” to ensure your child is not assigned to a bus and inadvertently put on a bus at the end of the day. The form can be requested from your child’s school or our website.

You may opt out of busing altogether or morning or afternoon busing only. The form lets your school and driver know that your child will not be taking the bus in one or both directions.

You can reverse this change at any time throughout the school year by using the same form.

Walking to school

An average Kindergartener can walk one kilometre in ten minutes, and stamina for walking (and all day long) improves quickly with daily practice. Often, small children have a harder time sitting still than they do moving for that amount of time. In fact, 20 minutes of physical activity at the beginning of the day can boost metabolism, increase mental focus for up to four hours, and help your child sleep better at night.