Bus Safety Procedures

Kindergarten Students are expected to:

  • Sit in the first few rows of the bus
  • Remain seated, facing forward at all times
  • Remain seated until ready to leave the school bus
  • Keep backpacks on lap and keep aisles clear
  • Avoid distracting or disturbing the driver
  • Open windows only with driver’s permission
  • Keep hands, feet, arms, and head inside the school bus at all times
  • Never throw objects inside the school bus or out the windows
  • Never eat or drink on the bus
  • Promptly obey directions given by the driver or the school safety patrol (if present)
  • Use emergency equipment or exits only in the case of genuine emergency

At the Bus Stop

Students must:

  • Wait in an orderly fashion well back from the side of the road in the safe zone
  • Respect the private property at the bus stop
  • Recognize that a danger zone exists in the immediate vicinity around the bus
  • If children need to cross the road to board the bus, wait until the bus arrives with lights flashing, then continue to wait until the driver signals that it is safe to cross, then safely proceed across the road

Getting On/Off the Bus

Students Must:

  • Secure and organize belongings before getting on the bus, and keep belongings packed while aboard
  • Wait until the bus is completely stopped before approaching the door
  • Enter or exit the bus in single file
  • Never push or shove
  • Get on and off the bus only at the designated stop
  • Stay out of the danger zone: if you can touch the bus, you’re too close—use 10 giant steps to move out of the danger zone and into the safe zone
  • When crossing the road, make eye contact with the driver, wait for the driver to signal, check traffic in both directions, then cross the road in front of the school bus
  • Never stop to pick up anything that drops in the danger zone—ask an adult or bus driver for help
  • Walk, never run across the road