We strive to positively influence children’s lives by coordinating their safe and efficient movement between home and school in support of their educational journey.

In 1996, the Waterloo Region District School Board and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board approved the formation of a co-operative student transportation service to reduce operating costs and provide more efficient student transportation for both Boards.

Following the Student Transportation reform initiated by the government in 2006, the co-operative student transportation service evolved into a consortium. Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region was created in 2007 to deliver safe, effective, and efficient student transportation services.

Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region plans, implements, communicates, and monitors the transportation of about 30, 000 regular and special needs students daily. The service provided uses four area school bus operators, five taxi companies, and Grand River Transit.

The use of computer software to optimize school bus routing is being used across the Boards to supplement previous efficiencies achieved by staggering school bell times, multiple run bus routes, optimal loading, and shared bus routes.

Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region also co-ordinates the Standing Safety and Bus Patrol programs and participates in events which highlight student transportation and safety, such as School Bus Safety Week, First Rider program and School Bus Driver Professional Development day.