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Abraham Erb WRDSB 710 Laurelwood Dr., Waterloo, ON, N2V 2V3 519-747-7694 Suvrit Sue
Alpine WRDSB 75 Lucerne Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2E 1B4 519-743-4338 Nicki  Americo
Anchors WRDSB 151 Weber St. South, Kitchener, ON, N1R 3H3 519-885-0800 Sue
Avenue Road WRDSB 40 Gail St., Cambridge, ON, N1R 4M2 519-623-0860 PersonGuy Angela
Ayr WRDSB 105 Hall St., Ayr, ON, N0B 1E0 519-632-7424 PersonGuy Angela
Baden WRDSB 155 Livingston Blvd., Baden, ON, N3A 4M6 519-634-9320 Suvrit Sue
Blair Rd. WRDSB 85 Sunset Blvd, Cambridge, ON, N1S 1A9 519-621-5620 PersonGuy Angela
Blue Heron WRDSB 749 Grand Valley Dr., Cambridge, ON, N3H 2S3 519-653-5532 PersonGuy Angela
Bluevale Collegiate Institute WRDSB 80 Bluevale St. North, Waterloo, ON, N2J 3R5 519-885-4620 Nicki Sue
Breslau WRDSB 58 Joseph St., Breslau, ON, N0B 1M0 519-648-2242 Nicki  Americo
Bridgeport WRDSB 59 Bridge St. West, Kitchener, ON, N2K 1K6 519-743-4318 Debby Sue
Brigadoon WRDSB 415 Caryndale Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2R 1J7 519-895-2353 Debby Angela
Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute WRDSB 301 Charles St. East, Kitchener, ON, N2G 2P8 519-578-8330 Nicki  Americo
Carizon Family and Community Services WRDSB
3601 Sandhills Rd., Baden, ON, N3A 3B9
519-743-6333 Sue
Cedar Creek WRDSB 55 Hilltop Dr., Ayr, ON, N0B 1E0 519-632-5255 PersonGuy Angela
Cedarbrae WRDSB 230 Cedarbrae Ave., Waterloo, ON, N2L 4S7 519-884-4940 Suvrit Sue
Centennial (C) WRDSB 100 Weaver St., Cambridge, ON, N3C 1W4 519-658-5121 Debby Angela
Centennial (W) WRDSB 141 Amos Ave., Waterloo, ON, N2L 2W8 519-885-5660 Nicki Sue
Central WRDSB 175 Main St. East, Cambridge, ON, N1R 1W5 519-623-0940 PersonGuy Angela
Chalmers Street WRDSB 35 Chalmers St. South, Cambridge, ON, N1R 5B4 519-623-0950 PersonGuy Angela
Chicopee Hills WRDSB 300 Chicopee Hills Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2A 0J6 519-896-6090 Nicki  Americo
Choices – Cambridge WRDSB 60 McDonald Ave., Cambridge, ON, N1R 4J2 519-622-9041 Angela
Clemens Mill WRDSB 335 Saginaw Pkwy., Cambridge, ON, N1T 1R6 519-740-2364 PersonGuy Angela
Conestogo WRDSB 1948 Sawmill Rd., Conestogo, ON, N0B 1N0 519-664-3773 PersonGuy Sue
Coronation WRDSB 757 Concession Rd., Cambridge,  ON N3H 4L1 519-653-1141 PersonGuy Angela
Country Hills WRDSB 195 Country Hill Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2E 2G7 519-743-6331 Debby  Americo
Courtland WRDSB 107 Courtland Ave. East, Kitchener, ON, N2G 2T9 519-578-4690 Nicki  Americo
Crestview WRDSB 153 Montcalm Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2B 2R6 519-893-1140 Nicki  Americo
Doon WRDSB 1401 Doon Village Rd., Kitchener, ON, N2P 1A8 519-748-1341 Debby Angela
Driftwood Park WRDSB 50 Parkland Cres., Kitchener, ON, N2N 1S4 519-744-7273 Suvrit  Americo
Eastwood Collegiate Institute WRDSB 760 Weber St. East, Kitchener, ON, N2H 1H6 519-743-8265 Nicki  Americo
Edna Staebler WRDSB 450 Bernay Dr., Waterloo, ON, N2T 3A3 519-880-2646 Suvrit Sue
Elev8 WRDSB 151 Weber St. South, Kitchener, ON, N1R 3H3 519-885-0800 Sue
Elgin Street WRDSB 685 Elgin St. North, Cambridge, ON, N1R 7W6 519-622-0611 PersonGuy Angela
Elizabeth Ziegler WRDSB 90 Moore Ave. South, Waterloo, ON, N2J 1X2 519-742-4402 Nicki Sue
Elmira District Secondary WRDSB 4 University Ave., Elmira, ON, N3B 1K2 519-669-5415 PersonGuy Sue
Empire WRDSB 83 Empire St., Waterloo, ON, N2L 2M1 519-742-8375 Suvrit Sue
Floradale WRDSB 35 Florapine Rd., Floradale, ON, N3B 2Z1 519-669-5193 PersonGuy Sue
Foundations (Bridgeport P.S.) WRDSB 59 Bridge St. West Kitchener 519-743-4318 Sue
Forest Glen WRDSB 437 Waterloo St., New Hamburg, ON N3A 1S9 519-662-2830 Suvrit Sue
Forest Heights Collegiate Institute WRDSB 255 Fischer-Hallman Rd., Kitchener, ON, N2M 4X8 519-744-6567 Debby  Americo
Forest Hill WRDSB 255 Westmount Rd. East, Kitchener, ON, N2M 4Z2 519-578-5480 Nicki  Americo
Franklin WRDSB 371 Franklin St. North, Kitchener, ON, N2A 1Y9 519-893-1334 Nicki  Americo
Galt Collegiate Institute WRDSB 200 Water St. North, Cambridge, ON, N1R 6V2 519-623-3600 PersonGuy Angela
Glencairn WRDSB 664 Erinbrook Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2E 2R1 519-742-0849 Debby  Americo
Glenview Park Secondary School WRDSB 55 McKay St., Cambridge, ON, N1R 4G8 519-621-9510 PersonGuy Angela
Grand River Collegiate Institute WRDSB 175 Indian Rd., Kitchener, ON, N2B 2S7 519-576-5100 Nicki  Americo
Grandview (C) WRDSB 1144 Hamilton St., Cambridge, ON, N3H 3G2 519-653-3611 Debby Angela
Grandview (NH) WRDSB 341 Huron St., New Hamburg, ON, N3A 1K4 519-662-1881 Suvrit Sue
Groh WRDSB 225 Thomas Slee Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2P 0B8 519-748-5987 Debby Angela
Hespeler WRDSB 300 Winston Blvd., Cambridge, ON, N3C 3J6 519-658-4691 Debby Angela
Highland WRDSB 125 Salisbury Ave., Cambridge, ON, N1S 1J8 519-621-9981 PersonGuy Angela
Hillcrest WRDSB 31 Renwick Ave., Cambridge, ON, N3C 2T5 519-658-5187 Debby Angela
Hillside WRDSB 11 Chopin Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2M 2G3 519-745-7312 Suvrit  Americo
Howard Robertson WRDSB 130 Morgan Ave., Kitchener, ON, N2A 2M5 519-748-6161 Nicki  Americo
Huron Heights Secondary School WRDSB 1825 Strasburg Rd., Kitchener, ON, N2R 1S3 519-896-2631 Debby Angela
J.F. Carmichael WRDSB 80 Patricia Ave., Kitchener, ON, N2M 1J3 519-578-8450 Nicki  Americo
J.W. Gerth WRDSB 171 Apple Ridge Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2P 0A1 519-896-4159 Debby Angela
Jacob Hespeler Secondary School WRDSB 355 Holiday Inn Dr., Cambridge, ON, N3C 1Z2 519-658-4910 Debby Angela
Janet Metcalfe WRDSB 335 Seabrook Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2R 0G3 519-514-0105 Debby Angela
Jean Steckle WRDSB 130 Woodbine Ave., Kitchener, ON, N2R 1X9 519-748-1919 Debby Angela
John Darling WRDSB 200 Rolling Meadows Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2N 3G9 519-749-0834 Suvrit  Americo
John Mahood WRDSB 5 First St. West, Elmira, ON, N3B 1G1 519-669-5153 PersonGuy Sue
Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate (KCI) WRDSB 787 King St. West, Kitchener, ON, N2G 1E3 519-745-6851 Suvrit Sue
Keatsway WRDSB 323 Keats Way, Waterloo, ON, N2L 5V9 519-886-1650 Suvrit Sue
King Edward WRDSB 709 King St. West, Kitchener, ON, N2G 1E3 519-578-0220 Nicki Sue
Lackner Woods WRDSB 151 Zeller Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2A 4H4 519-894-1150 Nicki  Americo
Laurel Heights Secondary School WRDSB 650 Laurelwood Dr., Waterloo, ON, N2V 2V1 519-880-9979 Suvrit Sue
Laurelwood WRDSB 460 Brentcliffe Dr., Waterloo, ON, N2T 2R5 519-884-9999 Suvrit Sue
Laurentian WRDSB 777 Westmount Rd. East, Kitchener, ON, N2E 1J2 519-578-6160 Debby  Americo
Lester B. Pearson WRDSB 520 Chesapeake Dr., Waterloo, ON, N2K 4G5 519-880-0300 Debby Sue
Lexington WRDSB 431 Forestlawn Rd., Waterloo, ON, N2K 2J5 519-747-3314 Debby Sue
Lincoln Heights WRDSB 270 Quickfall Dr., Waterloo, ON, N2J 3S9 519-884-4010 Debby Sue
Linwood WRDSB 50 Pine St., Linwood, ON, N0B 2A0 519-698-2680 PersonGuy Sue
Lutherwood WRDSB 285 Benjamin Rd., Waterloo, ON, N2J 3Z4 519-884-1470 Sue
Lutherwood – Under 12 WRDSB 285 Benjamin Rd., Waterloo, ON, N2J 3Z4 519-884-1470 Sue
MacGregor WRDSB 32 Central St., Waterloo, ON, N2L 3A6 519-885-6200 Nicki Sue
Mackenzie King WRDSB 51 Natchez Rd., Kitchener, ON, N2B 3A7 519-745-8694 Nicki  Americo
Manchester WRDSB 455 Dundas St. North, Cambridge, ON, N1R 5R5 519-621-8240 PersonGuy Angela
Margaret Ave WRDSB 325 Louisa St., Kitchener, ON, N2H 5N1 519-578-1910 Nicki  Americo
Mary Johnston WRDSB 475 Brynhurst Blvd., Waterloo, ON, N2T 2C6 519-747-1620 Suvrit Sue
Meadowlane WRDSB 236 Forestwood Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2N 1C1 519-579-5030 Suvrit  Americo
Millen Woods WRDSB 640 New Hampshire St., Waterloo, ON, N2K 0A5 519-725-4221 Debby Sue
Moffat Creek WRDSB 710 Myers Rd., Cambridge, ON, N1P 0A8 519-620-1661 PersonGuy Angela
N.A. MacEachern WRDSB 580 Rolling Hills Dr., Waterloo, ON, N2L 4Z9 519-885-1731 PersonGuy Sue
New Dawn WRDSB 151 Weber St. South, Waterloo, ON, N2J 2A9 519-742-5332 Sue
New Dundee WRDSB 1430 Bridge St., New Dundee, ON, N0B 2E0 519-696-2296 Suvrit Angela
Northlake Woods WRDSB 500 Northlake Dr., Waterloo ON N2V 2A4 519-885-1115 Suvrit Sue
Oak Creek WRDSB 80 Tartan Ave., Kitchener, ON, N2R 0N6 519-514-2223 Debby Angela
Park Manor WRDSB 18 Mockingbird Dr., Elmira, ON, N3B 1T1 519-669-5183 PersonGuy Sue
Parkway WRDSB 436 Preston Pky., Cambridge, ON, N3H 5C7 519-653-0383 Debby Angela
Pioneer Park WRDSB 55 Upper Canada Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2P 1G2 519-748-0142 Debby Angela
Preston High School WRDSB 550 Rose St., Cambridge, ON, N3H 2E6 519-653-2367 PersonGuy Angela
Preston WRDSB 210 Westminster Dr. North, Cambridge, ON, N3H 5C8 519-653-0387 Debby Angela
Prueter WRDSB 40 Prueter Ave., Kitchener, ON, N2H 6G6 519-578-0910 Debby Sue
Queen Elizabeth WRDSB 191 Hoffman St., Kitchener, ON, N2M 3N2 519-578-3910 Nicki  Americo
Queensmount WRDSB 21 Westmount Rd. West, Kitchener, ON, N2M 1R6 519-578-0400 Nicki  Americo
Ray of Hope WRDSB 659 King St. East, Unit 230, KitchenerON, N2G 2M4 519-578-8018 Sue
Riverside WRDSB 250 William St., Elmira, ON, N3B 0B9 519-669-5417 PersonGuy Sue
Rockway WRDSB 70 Vanier Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2C 1J5 519-576-5730 Nicki  Americo
Rosemount WRDSB 175 Indian Rd., Kitchener, ON, N2B 2S7 519-576-6870 Angela
Saginaw WRDSB 740 Saginaw Pkwy., Cambridge, ON, N1T 1V6 519-624-7111 PersonGuy Angela
Sandhills WRDSB 1250 Victoria St. South, Kitchener, ON, N2N 3J2 519-744-4430 Suvrit  Americo
Sandowne WRDSB 265 Sandowne Dr., Waterloo, ON, N2K 2C1 519-884-4800 Debby Sue
Sheppard WRDSB 278 Weber St. East, Kitchener, ON, N2H 1G2 519-578-5920 Nicki  Americo
Silverheights WRDSB 390 Scott Rd., Cambridge, ON, N3C 3Z7 519-658-9023 Debby Angela
Sir Adam Beck WRDSB 1140 Snyder’s Rd. West, Baden, ON, N3A 0A8 519-634-8757 Suvrit Sue
Laurel Heights Secondary School WRDSB 650 Laurelwood Dr., Waterloo, ON, N2V 2V1 519-880-9979 Suvrit Sue
Smithson WRDSB 150 Belleview Ave., Kitchener, ON, N2B 1G7 519-578-3890 Nicki  Americo
Southridge WRDSB 1425 Queen’s Blvd., Kitchener, ON, N2M 5B3 519-576-0940 Suvrit  Americo
Southwood Secondary School WRDSB 30 Southwood Dr.,
Cambridge, ON, N1S 4K3
519-621-5920 PersonGuy Angela
St. Andrew’s WRDSB 65 Victoria Ave., Cambridge, ON, N1S 1X2 519-621-7170 PersonGuy Angela
St. Jacobs WRDSB 72 Queensway Dr., St Jacobs, ON, N0B 2N0 519-664-2272 PersonGuy Sue
Stanley Park WRDSB 191 Hickson Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2B 2H8 519-578-3750 Nicki  Americo
Stewart Avenue WRDSB 145 Stewart Ave., Cambridge, ON, N1R 2V5 519-621-4171 PersonGuy Angela
Suddaby WRDSB 171 Frederick St., Kitchener, ON, N2H 2M6 519-578-3840 Nicki  Americo
Sunnyside WRDSB 1042 Weber St. East, Kitchener, ON, N2A 1B6 519-896-1130 Nicki  Americo
Tait Street WRDSB 184 Tait St., Cambridge, ON, N1S 3G3 519-621-7621 PersonGuy Angela
Trillium WRDSB 79 Laurentian Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2E 1C3 519-743-6368 Debby  Americo
U-Turn – Cambridge WRDSB 60 McDonald Ave., Cambridge, ON N1R 4J2 519-622-9041 Angela
U-Turn – Waterloo WRDSB 151 Weber St. South, Kitchener, ON, N1R 3H3 519-885-0800 Sue
Vista Hills WRDSB 314 Sweet Gale St., Waterloo, ON, N2V 0B3 519-884-4411 Suvrit Sue
W.T. Townshend WRDSB 245 Activa Ave., Kitchener, ON, N2E 4A3 519-579-1160 Debby  Americo
Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WCI) WRDSB 300 Hazel St., Waterloo, ON, N2L 3P2 519-884-9590 Suvrit Sue
Waterloo Oxford District Secondary School WRDSB 1206 Snyder’s Rd. West, Baden, ON, N3A 1A4 519-634-5441 Suvrit Sue
Wellesley WRDSB 1059 Queen’s Bush Rd., Wellesley, ON, N0B 2T0 519-656-2830 Suvrit Sue
Westheights WRDSB 429 Westheights Dr., Kitchener, ON, N2N 1M3 519-744-3549 Suvrit  Americo
Westmount WRDSB 329 Glasgow St., Kitchener, ON, N2M 2M9 519-578-5430 Suvrit  Americo
Westvale WRDSB 265 Westvale Dr., Waterloo, ON, N2T 2B2 519-746-6724 Suvrit Sue
William G. Davis WRDSB 530 Langs Dr., Cambridge, ON, N3H 5G5 519-653-2384 PersonGuy Angela
Williamsburg WRDSB 760 Commonwealth Cres., Kitchener, ON, N2E 4K7 519-742-1848 Debby  Americo
Wilson Avenue WRDSB 221 Wilson Ave., Kitchener, ON, N2C 1G9 519-893-7050 Nicki  Americo
Winston Churchill WRDSB 100 Milford Ave., Waterloo, ON, N2L 3Z3 519-884-3722 Suvrit Sue
Woodland Park WRDSB 555 Ellis Rd., Cambridge, ON, N3C 4K2 519-654-9402 Debby Angela