Service animals are trained to assist children who have physical or developmental disabilities with their daily lives and living activities.

STSWR recognizes that a student may require a service animal to be transported with them on a school purpose vehicle as part of their daily life and activities.

The Human Rights Code and the Ontarians with Disabilities Act cites the use of service animals as a right of the individual.
Specialized transportation requests are approved on an annual basis only and must be reviewed each year.


Service Animal

A service animal is an animal certified by a nationally recognized institute, trained to assist an individual with physical or developmental disability.


The Parent/Guardian shall:

  1. Provide a letter to the School Principal outlining what they see as the benefits of having the service animal attend school with their child.
  2. Provide a letter to the School Principal from their doctor recommending the use of a service animal for their child at school.
  3. Provide a certificate of training from a certified training centre of service animals.
  4. Assist in the training of the service animal to board and ride the vehicle with their child prior to using the regular transportation service.

The School Principal shall:

  1. Review the request for the student to use a service animal at school and approve where applicable.
  2. Inform STSWR using the Special Request Form that a student with special needs will be using a service animal as part of their daily activities.
  3. Provide STSWR with copies of the documents submitted by the parents in regard to the use of the service animal by the student.
  4. On an annual basis review and approve the use of the service animal by the student.

The Principal in consultation with the Special Education Department or School Superintendent shall:

  1. Authorize and sign the Special Request Form.
  2. Obtain appropriate Board administrative approvals before forwarding the request to STSWR.
  3. Inform STSWR of any changes to the student’s transportation requirements.

STSWR shall:

  1. Consult with the Special Education Department and/or School Superintendent and/or principal on the special needs of the student and service animal.
  2. Organize transportation for the student and service animal.
  3. Inform the bus operator that a service animal is being used by one of his/her passengers.
  4. Coordinate the training of the student, service animal, school, and driver on transporting students with service animals.
  5. Send Service animal Letter to all parents of students riding the vehicle with the service animal.