Why are the windows down on my child’s bus (including the winter months)?

Under guidelines from the Ministry of Education and recommendations from SickKids, STSWR bus operators will continue to keep windows open on buses for ventilation purposes throughout all seasons of the school year, including in cold weather.

Ventilated environments (fresh air spaces) are associated with lower risk of transmission of COVID compared with poorly ventilated environments. Therefore, windows will be opened on buses, where possible, to increase ventilation. At least half of the windows on a school bus should be slightly open during most weather to help dilute the air exhaled by the occupants and allow for quicker air exchange throughout the bus. As the outside temperature drops, the inside temperature will be monitored and some windows may be closed. We expect to have at least two slightly open windows at all times for ventilation, except in heavy rain.

Students riding the bus will need to prepare for a colder indoor bus environment through cold weather months. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for a bus ride with some windows down.