Kindergarten First Rider Program – June 5 2024

Let’s Learn to Ride the Bus Safely!

Join us for a FREE 30 minute session with your kindergarten students to learn how to ride the school bus safely! Families will have a chance to experience how to board, ride and get off of a REAL school bus safely and become familiar with our procedures for kindergarten students!

Unsure if your kindergarten student is eligible to take the bus? Follow this link to check your transportation eligiblity:

*Tickets must be reserved to participate in the event*
*Wheelchair accessible vehicle will be available at Chicopee Hills P.S. only*

Visit Eventbrite – STSWR – First Rider June 5 2024 to find a location and reserve your tickets today!

Event Date: June 5 2024
Event Times: 5:00 PM, 5:30 PM, 6:00 PM, 6:30 PM (please select one time and location)
Event location: There are 7 schools hosting the First Rider event on the same date and times. Click HERE to find a participating school near you and reserve your tickets! Please sign up under your STUDENTS NAME.

View the Kindergarten School Bus Information Brochure (Clickable PDF)

This event is reserved for bussed kindergarten students starting school in September 2024. If your student is not in kindergarten in September 2024, please CLICK HERE to review bus safety information for older students.

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