Stop Arm Camera Testing in Waterloo Region

For many years, Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region (STSWR) has received complaints from school bus drivers, parents and schools about the persistent problem of vehicles illegally passing stopped school buses. This practice unnecessarily puts students in harm’s way.  In order to proactively tackle this serious child safety issue, STSWR enlisted Force Multiplier Solutions Canada, to launch a pilot to measure the frequency of these traffic violations on the streets of Waterloo Region.  Using the FxS BusGuard Technology platform (, the pilot will gather and analyze video evidence of school bus stop arm violations beginning Monday May 2nd, 2016 with six school buses. The pilot will continue until the end of the school year and the data gathered during this pilot will be shared with Regional Police, the Region of Waterloo and both Catholic and Public School boards. No tickets will be issued during the pilot, but the data collected will be used to help demonstrate how the use of technology can enable a more convenient and effective method of enforcement, ultimately increasing safety for the children of Waterloo Region.

Questions about the stop arm camera pilot should be directed to:

Benoit Bourgault

General Manager


519 650 4934 ext 222


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