A Pandemic Power Pack

Are you looking for ways to boost your children’s physical fitness, mental health, and readiness for learning? Pep up your family walks with one or more of the following tools to expand pedestrian and cycling skills, learn a new route, learn about city function, and to connect more joyfully to the power of human movement.

  1. Sidewalk Smarts Passport to Independent Travel – a checklist of road skills you can use to assess your child’s readiness to walk on their own.
  2. Active Transportation Bingo Cards – use these cards to learn about traffic signs, cycling safety, road infrastructure, and the benefits of active transportation, or just have fun noticing what you see along the way.
  3. Discover your Superpower – get ready for when we do get back to school with route mapping help to find new ways to get to school while also avoiding the chaos and congestion of school drop-off zones. CycleWR will answer anonymous questions about school routes, and if you submit a start point, a general age of child, and your school destination, they’ll video record the route so you can experience it before you ever try it.
  4. Jane Jacobs’ 10 Big Ideas – Use this cheat sheet to help your children connect what they experience on their walk to how their city functions. Jane Jacobs’ 10 Big Ideas describe how cities are made up of a number of parts including parks, libraries, schools, sidewalks, neighbourhoods, stores, and PEOPLE that work together for healthy city.

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